Hey guys just wanted to congratulate you on a great night at The Mansfield.

I consider myself a massive U2 fan having seen them over 15 times and

Done my fair share of seeing tribute bands taking on the challenge of doing them justice.

Consider myself to a tough audience as there is nothing worse than a U2 song which I treasure being tortured by mediocre attempts.  I sound tough I know lol.

I was initially apprehensive as I hadn't seen you guys before, but I have to say you won me over.

Paula Clarke, Rugeley, UK

If you are a fan of U2, then you will love these guys! I saw them play their first gig back on tour after they had a break for a few years and it was amazing how close they sounded to the real thing.

They played at a little venue just down the road from where I live now and since then their hard work and dedication to replicating U2’s unique sound has helped them build up an itinerary of gigs that is getting busier and busier all the time!

Wishing you all the best for tonight’s gig and all your upcoming gigs.

Barry John Gallagher, Nuneaton, UK

Been to see these twice and will be going again, best tribute act i have seen in a long time. If you are a fan of U2 you will love theses guys. a great night and a great atmosphere. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK

Richard Percy Persaud, Solihull, UK

Fantastic session at Alexanders tonight lads, amazing visuals and stage set, takes a lot of work to be so true to the real thing and you pulled it off. Really enjoyed the ‘satellite stage sessions’ through the audience and bar, moved the place up another gear. A night to remember, look forward to seeing you again, Cheers

Dave Cross, Wigan, UK


My partner and I came to watch you at the King Billy in Northampton yesterday.  We are both fans of U2, although it's fair to say that I am the serious fan.

As such I would thank you for putting together such a comprehensive and entertaining show.  I loved that you lifted and recreated segments of U2 gigs like the Zoo TV and Popmart tour in such detail.  Having watched my gig DVDS to death over the years I knew what I was looking for,  and you didn't disappoint.

Thank you also for playing some of the less well known tracks like MoFo and Electric Co,  which remains one of my favourite U2 tracks.  

At the risk of sounding like a crazy person I will finish by saying that you are a real fans band. A very authentic sounding band which gives a proper U2 gig.

Thank you for a thoroughly entertaining evening.

(And if you ever get a mirror ball lemon, do let FB know! )

Sarah Jones, Higam Ferrers, UK

Brilliant evening ,amazing band . Thanks guys!

Greame Daniels, Coventry, UK

I've seen U2 6 times since 1980 . You were pretty close to the real thing . Great sound and passion. Thanks.

Joe Brennan, Coventry, UK

Brilliant night. Well done to you all!

John Hunter, Rugby, UK

Many thanks for tonight's gig in Chester, great performance guys!!!

Sebastian Gabrysiak, Chester, UK

I suppose I should point out that I am a former Senior Record Exec of EMI Records and Island Records London of some 30 years and I did work on the first three (and a half) albums and singles from U2.
So I was intrigued to see how good a job these guys made of their 'tribute'.  They did not disappoint.
For what turned out to be their debut gig, it was a terrific highly professional performance that they have every right to be proud of.
By the opening title I was teleported back 40 years to the four young Irishmen I worked with in the early 80's.  Very clear that these guys mean business, and helps that they are accomplished musicians. Mark (Larry Mullen Jr) never missed a beat, never put a foot wrong on drums despite as I later learnt a painful wrist injury. Mark hand in glove with Clive (Adam Clayton) on long scale bass showing how it’s done, working as the engine room driving songs forward.  John who did physically remind me of The Edge, (maybe it was the hat?) whose guitar playing was just superb and hard to tell from the real thing.  A true craftsman aided and abetted by Chris (Bono) whose technical studio wizadry recreated the U2 sound with damn near pinpoint accuracy. Deserving of an accolade in itself. This accurate sound is their selling point and reason to go and see them.  That coupled with Chris's confident swagger and powerhouse vocals delivery interspersed with falsettos. It was really very good. I’m not easily prone to gushing praise but I enjoyed the show so much I will make a point of going to the next Midlands gig.  As good as the real thing that you’re going to get. Fabulous.

Graham Baker (Exec EMI/Island Records), Birmingham, January 2022

Can’t wait for the next one! If you’re a U2 fan you gotta see these guys.

Myke Grimes, Rugby, UK

Your show tonight at The Diamond was exceptional guys. Loved every single song.

We’ll look out for you in future and hope to get to see you again soon. Bloody brilliant. Great sound and great stage show. Awesome. 🙏🙏

Tony Beet, Nottingham, UK

Awesome‼️please attend this groups shows realky excellent atmospheric brilliant guitar "edge!" ...he has the edge (lol!) Over many pseudo U2 tributes! X great night!

Moira McCall, Nottingham, UK

To recap, I am the former EMI/Island Record Exec who worked with U2 in the early 80's and reviewed the 'Experience' back in January.

Good to see them again, as I said I would when our planets collided in Birmingham next. The Billesley is a great little club, well set up and managed by Nancy and her other half.

To business, first off, the band's new stage lighting is terrific and adds showbiz excitement to the backdrop video's of their namesake. From the start you realise you're in for a show. Hats off to tech wizard and lead vocalist Chris ( Bono) for the new lighting and the iconic Edge guitar sound skilfully performed by John ( The Edge). I defy you to tell from the real thing. Don't think I could.

All driven along by the engine room bass from Clive ( Adam Clayton), lovely thunderous deep notes sat neatly in the pocket of solid and reliable drumming from Mark ( Larry Mullen) now recovered from wrist surgery. A terrific show that is both slick, professional and exciting. The band are now a well seasoned unit and it shows. They have fun playing and that transcends to the audience who couldn't help but get onto the dance floor. I really enjoyed this show. Their performance was phenomenal and for the bargain price of a couple of pints, you too could be lucky enough see the next best thing to the original. How long before your ticket prices go up Clive?

Graham Baker (Exec EMI/Island Records), Billesley Rock Club, Birmingham, UK.

The U2 Experience put on a great show for us last night at the club - a full two-hour extravaganza of all the great U2 hits, complete with awesome light and image show really got the crowd going. We were blown away! Very talented band and lovely guys too - they’ll be back soon 😎🤘- please give the band a like/follow and if you get chance to see them don’t miss out! Here are some pics courtesy of Lloyd Davies and Russell Ford (cheers, guys!) - more to follow soon.�

Billesley Rock Club, Birmingham, UK

You guys were absolute legends on stage and I mean that, totally made my weekend….

Venue 23, Jay Scott (supported Bon Jovi), Wakefield, UK

Talented, professional and very enjoyable thank you!

Peter Laight, Matlock Bath, UK

Was a brillian night xxx

Kelly Mccormack, Matlock Bath, UK

Top show and performance by the U2 Experience at the Melbourne Assembly Rooms. Those who know tell me they are note perfect.

Andy Heafield, Melbourne, UK

The popular Alexander’s bar in the heart of Chester city centre hosted a real treat for fans of 80s stadium rock, when The U2 Experience rattled the brickwork, shook the timbers, and threatened to blow the roof off. Billed as ‘The UK’s most authentic U2 Tribute Band,’ the reality certainly lived up to the hype. The Irish rock band have had decades of success, with multiple million selling albums, from their 1970s beginnings through their 1980s heyday, and beyond. Fronted by the almost messianic personality of Bono (these days a very ‘Marmite’ figure, often parodied, but nonetheless a formidable stage presence), this is a band that only the brave or the foolhardy would attempt to replicate, live on stage.

Sequenced lighting, onscreen visuals, video clips, and special effects combined to make this a truly spectacular experience, with the four band members uniting to faithfully recreate the U2 sound. Chris Field performing as Bono has a nigh impossible job, attempting to mimic one of the greatest stage performers of all time, but he does so magnificently. There’s the sheer power and studied arrogance, combined with vocals that soar impressively to the heights that the songs demand. Complete with ever present dark glasses, and black outfit, you could be forgiven for thinking this was the man himself. A full house was bouncing with unbridled excitement, and even the more elderly attendees were dancing and singing along with newly unleashed vigour. Opening with the pulse-pounding ‘Elevation’, the night got off to a flying start with the audience joining in from the opening lyrics. The pulsating lighting effects, and video screen showing the real U2 in action, added to the overall atmosphere. U2’s sound is very much rooted in the lead guitar of ‘The Edge’, with its glacial, almost angelic vibration, and is instantly recognisable and unique. John Brown has mastered this sound, with the equally superb Clive Witcomb as ‘Adam Clayton’ on bass guitar, and Mark Owen’s ‘Larry Mullen Jnr’ on drums.

Following the crowd-pleasing opener, ‘Elevation’, came one of U2’s best known stadium anthems, ‘Beautiful Day’. Though its charm had been tainted a little when appropriated by ITV’s football highlights programme ‘The Premiership’, it still retains its classic power and sheer joyfulness. Introducing the third song of the night, we now got to hear ‘Bono’ speak. This was another highlight of the evening, as Field delivered a pitch perfect impression, with the recognisable soft Irish lilt. It was time to head back to the very early days, with a fantastic recreation of U2’s first single from 1979, ‘Out Of Control’. A near two-hour set comprised of all-time classics, and rarely-performed album tracks, with stand-out songs being a superbly effective ‘Bullet The Blue Sky’ – which had The Edge moving through the delighted crowd, and a moving, barnstorming tribute to Martin Luther King with ‘Pride’. There was also time for a humorous dig at the Bryan Adams song ‘(Everything I Do) I Do It For You’, when Bono drolly mentioned that the song that knocked Adams off the top of the charts (after a record 16 weeks) was U2’s ‘The Fly’ (which they duly performed with gusto!). The first half of the show ended with another singalong to the epic, frantic ‘Vertigo’.

‘City Of Blinding Lights’ opens the second act, and we’re up and running again with another great track. It’s a more low-key, gentle, romantic, and melancholic U2, here, but with that same soaring, stadium friendly quality. An early 1980s fan favourite ‘Bad’ showcases the epic U2 sound, with the song building and building, and demanding more and more from the Bono vocals. Written about a heroin addicted friend, it’s a real emotional rollercoaster, ending with a wailing, heart-rending lyric “I’m wide awake; I’m not sleeping”, echoed by the mesmerised audience. The song fades away, and the audience are now primed, as the band segue into the haunting, dream-like opening notes of the immortal ‘Where The Streets Have No Name’. A rattling, steamrollering, chugging juggernaut of a song, The U2 Experience showed just what they could do, and had the audience cheering like crazy at their masterful rendition of the 1980s classic. Closing the evening with the truly inspiring and uplifting ‘With Or Without You’, there were more than a few tears rolling down the smiling faces of the audience. The vocals, guitars and drums fused together into one almighty, spiritual force of nature, and blew every lurking demon away. This was truly U2, in spirit, and an awesome – in every sense of the word – experience.

Reviewed on 20 August 2022 - The Reviews Hub (original review link - click here)

Brian Gorman, Chester, UK

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Absolutely nailed it...bono, the edge, Adam and Larry will be all proud of you…

Andy Rossy, Scunthorpe, UK

Greame Daniels, Coventry, UK

The U2 Experience were amazing!! At my brothers 60th birthday party on Saturday, everyone has a great time thanks to the band. We would definitely recommend them.

Big thank you to all" - Michelle & Paul Boswell, Penrith

Was lucky enough to see them in the City of Blinding Lights in Southampton. Being a die-hard U2 fan since 2001, I do miss out on seeing the 'real thing' live due to the cost of going. U2 Experience has helped me to embrace the glorifying songs live again and they have kept the unforgettable fire going. I was certainly elevated and was even surprised when they played Miracle Drug and Bullet The Blue Sky. Their performance had grace and they even re-created the Boston 2001 version of The Fly and a very good version of Ultraviolet. The ground beneath their feet was stomping and they got out of their own way with the big hits!

Dean Wayne Evans, New Milton, Hampshire, UK